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1. How to Print Best Photo

PictureWith Epson printer, you can enjoy the photo at a click. Please follow the following steps: (Find out more, please see the picture)


2. Original Epson Ink Vs BestInk Ink for light fastness

PictureThis is the unofficial but believable testing taken place in Japan to show the quality of light fastness between BestInk Ink and Epson original Ink.


3. Light fastness testing of Bestink Japan Inkjet

PictureThis test has been done by PaperBest Cambodia since almost last 2 years (30.08.2010). The result shows that the photo printing using BestInk Japan doesn’t change any colour when the same paper using the ink from other sources is fading gradually.


4. Money Back Guarantee

PictureThis is the guarantee by PaperBest Cambodia to ensure that every product bought from PaperBest is best for money. If the customers don’t like any product, with no question, bring back the products for Cash-Back.


5. The most Trustable Name card Cutter

PictureAmong the cutters in the market, Rhecmatec is considered the most trustable one by PaperBest customers. With this cutting machine, users can enjoy fast, reliable and durable namecard cutter. Find out more, please see the picture.


6. BestInk Japan has been Certified by the Knight

PictureThis certification is due to export the ink to EU countries. Any inkjet that can pass this certification is qualified for EU standard. The objective of the certification is that all the material used to manufacture the ink is high quality material with very less destructive chemical that can harm environment.


7. Why PaperBest Cambodia?

PicturePaperBest Cambodia is the biggest supplier of inkjet photo paper in Cambodia. This supplier is considered as the most trustable one in term of product’s price, quality, inventory and services. PaperBest Cambodia has the money back guarantee system to ensure that the company keep its promise in anything it delivers to customers.


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