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Eco Solvent
Product feature:
. The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese eco solvent printer.
. Automatic feeding and collecting structure.
. Two printhead design with intelligent infared heater and fan drying system.
. The machine thorugh different quality test is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement.
Product Detail
Specification : AW180/160
Printhead : Micro Piezo Print Head
Inks : Water-based/Themal/Solvent-basd
Maximum Printing Width : 180/160
Resolution : 540dpi,720dpi,1440dpi
Printing Modes : 2pass,3pass,4pass,6pass,8pass,12pass
Speed with single printhead : 32m/h,22m/h,16m/h,11m/h,8m/h,5.5m/h
Speed with two printhead : 64m/h,44m/h,32m/h,22m/h,16m/h,11m/h
Four heads printing speed : 128m/h,88m/h,64m/h,44m/h,32m/h,22m/h
Three heating section : None
Picture drying system : Standard configuration: Infrared heating with fan system
Auto feeding/collecting system : Standard configuration
Environmental Condition : Temperature15-35c Relative Humidity:40%-65%
Dimensons(L*W*H)Weight : 3110*700*1380/198kg

Payment & Shipping Terms
Price : Get the latest Price, Call 092 60 99 70
MOQ :  We only distribute and wholesale. Better price comes with the quantity
Delivery Time
Payment Terms : Negotiable
Supply Ability:
Contact Sales Manager : 092 60 99 70


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